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Do you have a question about cleaning and hygiene? Then why don't you...

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Do you have cleaning and hygiene question? For example, do you want to know the best way to clean an oven, or do you want to know what you should consider when buying a floor polishing machine?

For these and dozens of other questions you may have Gopher Expert provides you with a wealth of helpful fact sheets to help you get the best out of the products that you buy from Gopher.

How to use Gopher Expert

Gopher Expert consists of three main sources of information, for which there are three separate sections below:

  • checklists and schedules covering a variety of hygiene and cleaning activities (for example, cleaning an office suite, or a professional kitchen) 
  • information fact sheets for each specific cleaning task shown in a checklist (for example, cleaning an oven within the professional kitchen checklist); and 
  • fact sheets to help with selection of particular products (for example, choosing the correct cleaning mop).

Every checklist, fact sheet and product selection guide is available both to be read on-line or can be downloaded as a PDF document (for which you will need a PDF reader which can be freely downloaded, see for example Adobe PDF Reader).

Checklists and schedules

Click the link below to show the available checklists and schedules. These have been arranged in terms of broad sectors simply expand the link which most closely describes the sector of your business or institution.

Checklists and Schedules

Help with specialist cleaning and hygiene tasks and topics: How To Guides

Click the link below to show the available How to guides. We will continue to update this library of How To Guides, so ensure that you are a regular visitor!

 How To Guides

Help with selecting products: Gopher Chooser Guides

For many common cleaning, hygiene and catering products, there is a wide range of product choice. Gopher Chooser Guides are designed to help you select the right product for the task, and to help you get the best value from your purchases. We will continue to update this library of Chooser Guides, so ensure that you are a regular visitor!

Chooser Guides


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