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Handwashing & Skincare

For personal hand hygiene and occupational skincare, we offer an extensive range of soap, hand washing and hand care products. We provide stand-alone system products from both Deb and GoJo, two of the world’s leading skin-care specialists. In addition, we stock a selection of hand cleansers and reconditioning creams designed to help protect and enhance the health of your skin.

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Skin Hygiene

In order to maintain skin hygiene and offer general protective against colds and flus it is important to regularly sanitise your hands. We offer a full range of hand sanitiser variants available in desktop pump as well as wall mounted dispensed systems for busy commercial environments.

Orca 70% alcohol hand gel sanitister 5L Orca 70% alcohol hand gel sanitister 5L
Orca 70% alcohol hand gel sanitister

Code H1-C500 - Each £10.00 (Ex VAT) £12.00 (Inc VAT)
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