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Offices vary greatly by the number of employees and the nature of the work carried out. Good cleaning and hygiene practices are essential in all of these if the employer’s obligations to the health and safety of staff and visitors is to be observed.

Public and staff washrooms provide an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and Gopher’s cleaning and hygiene products provide the protection required to all who use these facilities. These include alcohol gel soaps to achieve high levels of disinfection.

Standards in food preparation areas can easily slip and require particular attention where cleaning and hygiene is concerned. Gopher provides a wide range of cleaning solutions specific to these areas.
However, the general office area itself should not be ignored as the risks of cross contamination are high. Gopher provide cleaning and hygiene solutions for work surfaces such as desks, IT and other equipment and telephones.

All Gopher cleaning supplies are accompanied by a COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous To Health) sheet and an MSDS (Materials Safety Date Sheet) the first time that they are supplied, thus ensuring that practices comply with current health safety legislation. Copies of this information are also available on request.

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