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Low cost cleaning and hygiene supplies, catering equipment and disposables

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Aluminium bakewell pan 370 x 265 x 40mm
£15.67 (Ex VAT) £18.80 (Inc VAT)

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Vogue non-stick aluminium frypan 260mm
£16.54 (Ex VAT) £19.85 (Inc VAT)

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Blue 10" 2 ply hygiene roll
18 x 40m
£16.83 (Ex VAT) £20.20 (Inc VAT)

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Enhance spot and stain
6 x 750ml
£59.66 (Ex VAT) £71.59 (Inc VAT)

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Blue detectable plaster
100 plasters
£17.23 (Ex VAT) £20.68 (Inc VAT)

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Stainless steel scourer 40 gram
10 scourers
£2.59 (Ex VAT) £3.11 (Inc VAT)

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Gopher Supplies is the leading online shop for low cost, high quality cleaning supplies, hygiene disposables and catering equipment, specifically developed to meet the requirements of customers in smaller businesses and organisations in a range of sectors.

Our aim at Gopher Supplies is simple: to provide you with cleaning supplies, hygiene disposables and catering equipment at the very best online prices; to be a simple, convenient and easy to use website; to ensure a safe and reliable online shopping experience; and to provide you with a wealth of useful help, advice and information so that you can get the very best value from your purchases of cleaning supplies, hygiene disposables and catering products.

Whether a contract cleaner, a cleaning manager in an office, school caretaker, practice manager in a dentist’s surgery, or housekeeper in a hotel, in fact anyone who is responsible for the health and hygiene of a building or premises, we understand that you require cleaning and hygiene supplies that always leave an area spotlessly clean and hygienic. We also know that you seek great value from your product purchases.

We understand that if you are a chef, you want catering supplies that ensure first class kitchen hygiene, and catering equipment that makes food preparation easy and efficient; and as a hospitality or restaurant manager, crockery, cutlery and bar equipment, that promotes the very best image for your restaurant, bar or hotel.

We offer a comprehensive range of products. In terms of cleaning and hygiene supplies these range from washroom supplies, housekeeping products, janitorial supplies to personal protective equipment and health and safety items. Our wide kitchen equipment range includes glassware, crockery, cutlery, bar equipment, clothing and chefs knives, to larger commercial kitchen equipment such as ovens, grills, refrigerated cabinets and food blenders.

We recognize the importance of green cleaning by undertaking the cleaning of your business or organisation in an environmentally friendly way. Gopher’s product range has been assembled to ensure that you can clean in a sustainable way and Gopher itself operates in accordance with the environmental quality standard ISO 14001. See Gopher Environment.

Gopher Supplies is the online trading division of Cherwell, a firm with over 35 years trading experience in cleaning and hygiene supplies, and catering equipment and catering disposables. We supply a wide range of businesses and organisation, both national and local, and we have developed a particular expertise in the following areas: contract cleaning and facilities management; hotels, restaurants, cafes and catering services; office environments; education, such as schools and colleges; and healthcare, including GP, dental and veterinary practices. Our experience in all these industries has enabled us to develop Gopher Supplies specifically to reflect the individual and varied needs of these sectors.

With two large warehouses, centrally located in Birmingham and Southam, we are well located to serve all regions within the UK quickly and cost-effectively, and provide daily deliveries for example to Oxford, Reading, Bristol and London in the South and Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle in the North.

For many good reasons as to why to choose gopher see Why Gopher.

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