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Gopher supporting the environment: sustainability

At Gopher Supplies we are committed to supporting the environment by offering products and adopting working practices which amount to working in an ‘environmentally sustainable’ manner.

Sustainability is about meeting our goals in a way which reduces the consumption of natural resources and minimizes any potentially harmful effects on the environment. These practices include, for example, recycling of waste packaging, stocking and delivery policies that reduce unnecessary delivery miles, and measures to reduce energy consumption.

As well as following environmentally sustainable practices in our own business we are keen to promote best practice among users of cleaning and hygiene products, which also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Gopher Environmental Policy Statement

Gopher’s Environmental Policy is developed in line with the international standard BS EN ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management Systems and together with BS ISO 9001 forms part of our Integrated Management System, and confirms that Gopher:

  • is committed to the continual improvement in environmental performance.
  • will meet or exceed statutory, regulatory and other requirements for environmental protection and keep up to date with forthcoming environmental legislation.
  • will ensure that documented impacts, aspects and procedures are fully incorporated into our management systems to reduce the risks to the environment and develop emergency preparedness plans where considered appropriate.
  • will improve the efficiency of energy use by identifying energy saving opportunities and by ensuring the use of best practicable techniques and technologies. All employees will be actively encouraged to participate in the reduction of energy usage.
  • will maintain a high level of environment stewardship with regards to waste disposal. Where possible, consideration will be given to waste minimisation, recovery and recycling. We will reduce the environmental effects associated with any significant waste or gaseous emissions.
  • aims to promote the reduction of the environmental impacts associated with the products and materials purchased and used by Gopher Supplies, through supplier and subcontractor education, greener purchasing where viable and more efficient resource usage.
  • support the objectives of REACH regulations which have been developed to help improve the protection of human health and the environment from the harmful effects and risks that can be posed by chemicals
  • will actively promote the communication of environmental issues concerning Gopher Supplies to its staff, customers, the local community and other interested parties. Comments and suggestions will be encouraged and considered by the Directors. Feedback will be given to any party making an environmental enquiry.
  • will raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters.

The Directors of Gopher Supplies have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that this Environmental Policy is implemented and regularly reviewed for continuing suitability.

This Environmental Policy was last issued/updated in January 2012.


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