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Gopher Quick Overview

Gopher Special - Shopping by sector

You can use one of Gopher’s many unique features and customise your shopping experience by shopping by sector.

To choose your sector either:

  • select from the shop by sector drop down list on the left hand bar
  • click on one of the buttons below on the home page.

By using this option we tailor all data – products and support – to the specific requirements of your industry. This means that you get to the right information first time and as quickly as possible. 

Note that you can change your sector at any time to see a different mix of products and information, without losing the contents of your shopping basket, if you have already selected goods for purchase.

Making a purchase

Buying on Gopher couldn’t be easier!

Once you have found the product you want to buy, specify the number you want to order and click the Add to basket button. The basket at the top of the page will keep track of your purchases. Click on the basket and then View Basket to see the full contents of your basket, or click on the dropdown to see the last 5 items that you have added to it. When you are ready to purchase simply click the Checkout button and complete the payment process.

Gopher Special - Shopping lists

Gopher Shopping Lists is another unique Gopher feature. A shopping list is a quick, easy and convenient way to list details of your regular product purchases, which you can use as the basis for making any and all future purchases from Gopher. By loading the contents of a shopping list directly into the checkout you can shorten the purchasing process to just a few clicks.

To create a shopping list login and then go to Shopping Lists.

 Add products to your shopping list wherever you see this Add to list button.

Own purchase order reference

If you like to track your orders by reference to your own purchase order number, you can show this reference on all Gopher paper work.

You can either input your purchase order reference at checkout or establish this in advance. If you choose the latter, you have the option to set the same number for each order, or to number increment on each order, or even to establish a different purchase order sequence for different time periods. 

Go to My Account and choose Settings in the Purchase Order management box under My Preferences.

Gopher Special - Multiple users and user levels

Within Gopher you can create as many delivery addresses as you want and associate these with as many users as you wish. This is particularly useful when your organisation has several purchasing points and you wish to allow several members of staff to place purchase orders.

Gopher also allows you to make a distinction between an ‘admin user’ and ‘user’.  This distinction allows you (as an admin user) to develop a purchasing structure in line with your organisation's purchasing requirements (for example user A can only order for delivery site B) and ensure that your staff follow these. All reporting information collected by Gopher will follow the purchasing structure you have setup, allowing you easy and clear analysis of purchases.

Finally, you can nominate separate delivery and invoice addresses, so that purchase confirmations will go to the delivery address and all invoices to the invoice address.

To create addresses and manage users look under My AddressDetails in My Account.


Gopher has powerful search facilities to help you find what you want, whether a product or support article, as a quickly and easily as possible. You can use the search box at the top of every page. Type in what you are looking for and Gopher will bring back all items reflecting these details.

If you know the category of your product you can alternatively use the Browse by Product option on the left hand bar. Highlight the product category of your choice and click to show the products within this category and display in either a list or tile/grid view depending on your preference.

So that you can quickly refine your initial search, Gopher has added powerful search filters. These are always displayed to the left hand side of the search results and refine your search according to: category, manufacturer and brand name. In some instances, you will also be able to specify further elements such as colour. Click on the relevant filter box to show only the products with that particular feature.

Gopher special - Gopher Expert

Another unique Gopher feature is the wealth of information that you can find under Gopher Expert.

Ask the expert

Go to Gopher Expert and you will find: 

  • Really helpful checklist customised to your sector
  • Expert guidance in Gopher How To guides
  • Chooser Guides to help you choose the best product for your needs

To find out more go to Gopher Expert.

Gopher Points

Whenever you shop with Gopher, we say thank you by giving you some of your money back in the form of a redeemable Gopher Points. With every £1 you spend on Gopher you earn one Gopher Point, which is added to your Points balance on order confirmation. You can redeem your Gopher Points as an order discount on your next purchase. You can view the balance of your Gopher Points at any time from My Account (see under section My Preferences). We also show the balance of your Gopher Points at checkout.

To find out more go to Gopher Points.

Gopher Vouchers

For many promotions on Gopher we offer Gopher Vouchers, which you can use to claim a discount against specific products or set of products. Gopher Vouchers will automatically be allocated to your account when you participate in the promotion (subject to the terms and conditions of each promotion). You can redeem your Gopher Vouchers at checkout.

To find out more go to Gopher Vouchers.


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