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Managing your account

My account details

You can manage all aspects of your account from the My Account page. Click on the My Account link at the top of the page.

Change my details

You can change your details using the button below.

Change my password

Change my name

Change my email

Forgotten my password

Manage my card details

You can manage any saved cards or add new ones here.

Add a new card

Edit an existing card

Delete a card

Manage my shopping lists

Shopping lists will save you a tremendous amount of time.

To find out how to manage your shopping lists go to Shopping Lists.


My address details

Organise your purchases to different addresses and amend your users' details.

Add users and change their details and status

You can manage the details of the users of your account using the button below.

Add a new user

Decide the status of a user

Change the status of a user

Change a user e-mail address

Delete a user

Add or amend my addresses

You can create further addresses if you need them using the button below if you would like deliveries to be sent to different addresses.

Add an address

Change your existing (main) address

Change additional address

Change the invoice address

My orders

View all your current and past orders.

View my orders

You can view your open orders here and identify the order status.

To find out how to track your orders go to Tracking orders.


View my order history

You can view a list of orders that you have ever placed with Gopher.

How do I view my orders?

How do I re-order products from an old order?

My Preferences

Here is a chance to customise your purchase orders, select your chosen charity and check up on your Gopher Points and Gopher vouchers.

Customise my purchase orders

How do I customise my order numbers?

How do I change the purchase order reference for a date range?

Choose my charity

Gopher will automatically choose a charity of the month, which you will see on the My Account page. Click on Change if you want to select another charity and click Select.

For more information about Gopher Charities go to Gopher Charities.

View my Gopher Vouchers

Click here to create and display a list of  Gopher Vouchers that you can use and claim at checkout.

Go to Gopher Vouchers for more information

View my Gopher Points

Your points balance and the value of your points will be shown on the My Account page.

Every £1 you spend earns one Gopher Point.

Go to Gopher Points for more information



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